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Carbon Fibre Double Slat Kidney Grilles for BMW 4 Series, M3 & M4 (2014-2020, F32 F33 F80 F82 F83)


The AUTOID Carbon Fibre Double Slat Kidney Grilles are a direct replacement for the stock chrome kidney grilles. 

We designed this replacement unit around OEM parts to guarantee the best possible fitment for an aftermarket item. 


  • 2 x Carbon Fibre + ABS Plastic (2x2 Weave) Double Slat Kidney Grilles (Left & Right Side)


  • BMW 4 Series (2014-2020, F32 F33)
  • BMW M3 (2014-2018, F80)
  • BMW M4 (2014-2019, F82 F83)


Fitting takes approximately 30 minutes and will require T30 and T20 Torx screwdrivers.

Start by opening the bonnet of the car and removing the rubber weather seal from the top  of the front bumper. Remove the 6 screws found under the seal with your T30 screwdriver. Then remove the bolts on each side of the headlight with the T20 screwdriver. Pull a section of the bumper above one grille, using a light you should see the first 3 clips, use a long thin flat head screwdriver to depress the clips forward. Once the first grille has been removed, you can refit the bumper, screws and weather seal. Do not fit the new grille just yet!

You will now have access to the other grille through the hole left by the removed grille. Use this hole to reach round and detach the other grille. Once removed, both sides will now be empty and you will be able to fit your new AUTOID Double Slat Kidney Grilles. 

Alternatively, we can fit onsite. Please contact us at in order to make an appointment.   


Every AUTOID Essential product sold on our store is covered by our ‘no questions asked’ 6 month warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may occur, outside of usual wear and tear. This can be extended for a fee; get in contact at ‘’   


We quality control every single item that we dispatch from our shop. Many sellers online ship their products straight from overseas, meaning they have not been quality controlled. If you order one of these parts you could receive a part that is damaged, has scratches in the clearcoat, or overall poor carbon fibre construction. By choosing AUTOID, we make the promise to deliver a consistent, quality product that is shipped from our shop in London with the benefits of a warranty.