AUTOID Gloss Black Side Fender Trim for BMW M2 & M2 Competition


From the factory, the BMW M2 is delivered with a number of bespoke parts. One of these is the unique fender trim which sports the M2 logo. 

Unfortunately, stock, these are finished with a Chrome accent. We've worked to address this by changing out the Chrome highlight with a stealthy gloss black replacement.

All AUTOID side fenders utilise the OEM base to ensure perfect fitment and will match perfectly with our range of Gloss Black products. 


    What's included:

    • 2 x AUTOID ABS Plastic Side Fender Trim with Gloss Black accent (Left & Right Side)



    Fitting takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

    Softly heat the original side fenders with a hairdryer or heat gun - be careful not to melt the plastic, it only needs to be warm! This will soften the adhesive on the reverse of the stock fenders. Once warm, place a soft towel on to the bodywork next to the fender and use a trim removal tool to leverage the original fender off. We recommend starting on the end with the M2 logo. 

    Once removed, clean the area with adhesive remover - we recommend this.

    Remove the 3M vinyl backing from the adhesive on your new AUTOID Painted Side Fenders and place into the hole in the fender. 


    Compatible models:

    • BMW M2
    • BMW M2 LCI
    • BMW M2 Competition



    All of our products are covered by our industry leading One Year "no-questions-asked" warranty. If you see any defects, outside of the realms of usual wear & tear, we'll exchange your items free of charge. Terms and conditions apply. More info here.

    *Conditions apply



    We quality control every single item that we dispatch from our shop. Many sellers online ship their products straight from overseas, meaning they have not been quality controlled. If you order one of these parts you could receive a part that is damaged, has scratches in the clearcoat, or overall poor carbon fiber construction. By choosing AUTOID, we make the promise to deliver a consistent, quality product that is shipped from our shop in Brentwood, England. One final benefit is our warranty, as above, this is a minimum of one year and is as long as two years on our TRE items.

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