AUTOID M Sport to M Steering Trim Conversion Kit for BMW (Various Models)


The steering wheel is the centre piece of the cabin and is first touch point you have with the car. This conversion kit enables you to transform the central section of the steering will to the dynamic looking M version. You can then option the carbon steering wheel trim is built to enhance the look even further. Often overlooked, this can change the feel of your car from the drivers seat and really looks the part. 

This kit is for vehicles that are M Sport models (listed below). If you have an M car already, this kit is not necessary and you can purchase our AUTOID Full Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Trim herePlease take note of this or email us before purchase if uncertain. 


What's included:

  • 1 x AUTOID ABS Plastic M Steering Trim Back Piece 
  • 1 x (OPTIONAL) AUTOID Gloss Carbon Fibre + ABS Plastic (2x2 Weave) Steering Trim with silver aluminium accent



Fitting takes around 20-30 mins. You can email us at for tips on fitting.  Alternatively, we can fit onsite. Please contact us to make an appointment. 


Compatible models (M Sport Models):

  • BMW 1 Series (2011-2019, F20 F21) 
  • BMW 2 Series (2014+, F22)
  • BMW 3 Series (2012-2019, F30)
  • BMW 4 Series (2014-2020, F32 F33)
  • BMW 5 Series (2014-2017, F10)
  • BMW 6 Series (2014-2019, F06 F12 F13)
  • BMW X3 (2014-2017, F25)
  • BMW X4 (2014-2018, F26)
  • BMW X5 (2013-2018, F15)
  • BMW X6 (2013-2019, F16)

                          NOTE:  Only compatible with M Sport trimmed cars. No other model (Sport, SE, Luxury etc.) will fit. Whilst this will fit M cars (M2, M3, M4, M4, M6 etc.), it is not necessary as the car comes with this part fitted from factory. 



                          All of our products are covered by our industry leading 2 year "no-questions-asked" warranty. If you see any defects, outside of the realms of usual wear & tear, we'll exchange your items free of charge. Terms and conditions apply. More info here.


                          WHY CHOOSE AUTOID

                          We quality control every single item that we dispatch from our shop. Many sellers online ship their products straight from overseas, meaning they have not been quality controlled. If you order one of these parts you could receive a part that is damaged, has scratches in the clearcoat, or overall poor carbon fiber construction. By choosing AUTOID, we make the promise to deliver a consistent, quality product that is shipped from our shop in London, not from China or Taiwan. One final benefit is our warranty, as above, this is a minimum of 2 years and is as long as a lifetime on our TRE items.