AUTOID TRE Performance Full Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers for BMW (Various Models)


Built entirely from carbon fibre, each mirror cap is developed and manufactured to quality standards once reserved for only the greatest super and hyper cars. Our new TRE M-inspired mirror caps are the next step in our mission to make top level carbon fibre parts available to all. 



Whilst the clue is in the title, it doesn't tell the full story. Other than the mounting clips, AUTOID TRE products are made of 100% carbon fibre which are lighter in weight and naturally carry a higher tensile strength compared to their ABS plastic overlay version. Our TRE dry carbon mirror covers weigh only 121 grams VS the ABS plastic overlay at 239 grams each side, that’s almost half the weight shaved! 

Dry carbon fibre's name is derived from its manufacturing process. Dry carbon fibre is formed by using a "pre-preg" or impregnated piece of carbon materials. This piece of carbon is first placed into a mould, and then into a sealed vacuum (autoclave) to properly cure. This particular method creates the least amount of waste and forms a lighter version of carbon than the “wet” method. The autoclave vacuuming process of making dry carbon means that there are fewer pinholes and virtually no air pockets that form in the carbon. Dry carbon is the highest quality version of carbon fibre products that are produced. Each cap is built using the identical production method to the official M Performance parts, without the sky-high mark up.

These mirror caps differ from the standard ABS & Plastic carbon caps you’re used to seeing as they provide unrivalled lightness, quality and longevity. 

Whilst ABS & Carbon caps are prone to failure due to their production method, these caps come with the guarantee they’ll last. All whilst looking better than the standard caps.


What's included:

  • 2 x Full Carbon Fibre (prepreg, 2x2 weave) mirror caps (Left & Right Side)



Fitting takes just a couple of minutes. You can simply pull off the old mirror caps (they will literally pop off!) or you can follow our tutorial which takes a more conservative route: 

Alternatively, we can fit onsite. Please contact us at in order to make an appointment.  


Compatible models:

  • 1 Series Hatchback 2012+
  • 2 Series (Including M2)
  • 3 Series 2012+
  • 4 Series
  • i3

NOTE: These are not compatible with M3 or M4 models.






    Our new TRE “T-R-E” range of products represent the pinnacle of our product range. Each product is built to the very highest standards and are covered by an industry leading lifetime warranty*. The sole aim of each part in this range is to push boundaries and bring you closer to the racers edge. When you see ‘TRE’, think best in class products, performance focused and quality guarantee. 

    *Conditions apply



    We quality control every single item that we dispatch from our shop. Many sellers online ship their products straight from overseas, meaning they have not been quality controlled. If you order one of these parts you could receive a part that is damaged, has scratches in the clearcoat, or overall poor carbon fiber construction. By choosing AUTOID, we make the promise to deliver a consistent, quality product that is shipped from our shop in London, not from China or Taiwan. One final benefit is our warranty, as above, this is a minimum of 2 years and is as long as a lifetime on our TRE items.

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